Ode to a shooting star

There are infinites bigger tan others.

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I often had the whole parlor to myself to slide.

Needless Frozen overanalyzing ahead: For Elsa I think it was clear the things she needed to overcome were her fears and her anxiety. But can we please talk about Anna? Because I think it was clear what she needed to overcome were her feelings of insecurity. Look at this photoset. When Anna’s on her own she never trips. She looks like a pro sliding in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th gifs. But then in the 4th gif she trips because she’s nervous about reuniting with Elsa, the 7th gif she’s with Hans, and the 6th and 8th gifs she’s with Elsa (and the rest of the kingdom). The only time she doesn’t trip when she’s with someone is the 2nd gif when she’s still a kid and doesn’t have those feelings of insecurity yet. But I think that’s what makes Elsa’s “Come on, you can do it!” comment to Anna about skating so important. At that point Anna finally has her big sister back and with Elsa around she’s not going to let Anna think she can’t do something. They both help each other that way. Anna helps calm Elsa’s fears and anxiety and Elsa makes sure Anna always feels confident in herself.

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